Adult Teen

by Lisa Prank

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Adult Teen is out June 24, 2016 on Father/Daughter Records with a limited cassette release on Miscreant Records.


released June 25, 2016

all songs written by Robin Edwards and engineered and mixed by Eric Randull at the enchanted Seattle punk mansion, Spruce Haus, in 2016

mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.

art & album design by the wonderful Faye Orlove

guitar and drum machine (Roland MC-505!) by Robin Edwards, with extra help from my friends: Eric Randull played bass on 1 & 3, extra percussion on 4 & 11, drums on 10, and lead guitar on 9, Bree Mckenna played bass on 9 & 10, Andrew Sullivan played bass on 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 11, Ian Dugas played extra percussion on 2 & 7, Julia Shapiro played the guitar solo on 3, and Emily Nokes sang backup vocals on 6 & 8 <3



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Track Name: Starting Again
do you remember the snow was falling?
parking lot I am holding you so tight
don't wanna let go
up the stairs to your old apartment
I start to slip on the ice, you help me up
I never take it slow

can't get rid of the notes you wrote me
I find them still in my car, a tape, a coat
dead inside jokes
and I know I know I know
that I've got to got to got to let it…

you say you're not still drinking
you just started again
I swear I don't still miss you
I just started again

it's easy to say that you forget
the drugs, the girl, whole fucking night
but I gotta know
another face that I will spend
another year just to forget
was it worth it?
Track Name: Luv is Dumb
we hung out all night
but when you left
I forgot what your face looked like
gotta see you again
I am not the type
to call you all the time

but love is making me dumb
your love is making me dumb

I'm checking your horoscope
trying to remember the things you said
you're making me hope
I'm making you a mix tape in my head
it's way too soon
but all I do is swoon

cause love is making me dumb
Track Name: Heart 2 Heart
I think I could live here
and we'll stay up all night
I could handle the rain
and we will never fight
you know all the things
that I wanna do
never get close enough
and always pine for you

we wandered the streets all night
& painted our names on sidewalks till daylight
I fall in love all the time
you say all the things
that I wanna hear
I'll ignore your world back home
just bring me another beer

& this city looks so nice
I'm never going back to real life
so won't you tell me your pretty lies?
just tell me them one more time
one more time
Track Name: Best of Everything
I've got it bad
I'm such a brat
it's such a drag
why do you want me in your bed?

I'm gonna die
I can tell tonight
or will I live and worry,
wasting all my time?

I'm always wanting more
from everything I ever see
I'm never satisfied
with anything you give to me

but you give me everything

I'm terrified
all of the time
can't sleep at night unless you're
by my side

distracting me
from web md
and all the dumb things that I read

I gave up everything
Track Name: Jumper
and when we said goodbye
I knew that I had lied
when I told you that I was okay
and I will try
but I can't look you in the eyes
cause every time that I do
I wanna say

you said it wasn't right,
did you mean it?
I told you I agreed
and now I wish I could delete it

don't wanna be in love cause
it's never enough
and I don't wanna fall for you
cause we'll only make each other blue
but I didn't wanna drive away tonight

when I'm not falling, I am looking for a ledge
and then you smile at me, I'm tumbling of the edge

when I'm not falling, I am looking for a ledge
and then you smile at me, I'm jumping off the edge
and then you kiss me and I'm jumping in your bed
Track Name: Take it All
you can have that book we bought together
I don't wanna read it again
you belong more in this city that we live in
go ahead, take my old friends

I will drown in coffee
crossing state lines
and when you don't call, baby
I will not be surprised

take it all

you can have all my old records
I'm sick of them anyway
& that coat always looked better on you
take my heart it only ever caused me pain

you look like an angel
when you apologize
you said this time was different
so don't forget to take your lies when you

take it all
Track Name: Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines
you always say the stupidest things
it's like you don't know how to read
you're always jumping in
with anecdotes that don't make any sense &
I am always wondering why

oh baby, let me write yr lines
if you could talk to me, we'd never ever have to sleep
so baby, let me write your lines

at first I thought that you were shy
I dreamed of all the ways yr words would blow my mind
but I am finding out
the reason nothing's in your mouth is
yr long hair hides a waste of time

oh baby, let me write your lines
I'd stick my tongue in your mouth
to keep yr words from coming out
so baby, let me write your lines

yr never ever home at night when I wanna call
and even when you answer
I'm talking to a pretty wall
I guess I'm never on yr mind
I guess that nothing's on yr mind
Track Name: Why Can't We Just Dance
it's hard to stand here next to you
try to forget I want you still
you won't try at anything
so why'd I hope you'd try with me?

I don't wanna think
I don't wanna fight
I don't wanna have this stupid talk again tonight

why can't we just dance?

I don't want that much from you
just good feelings & a song or two
so let me down or beg me to stay
cause I can't bear in between days

I don't wanna think
I don't wanna fight
I don't wanna have this stupid talk again tonight

why can't we just dance?
Track Name: Drive Anywhere
lights flashing
signs passing
I could drive anywhere
but there's nowhere that
I really wanna go

let my phone die
for the first time
I don't have anywhere to be
I guess I'll just go home

and when I say I don't know
I really mean it's through
and when you say you're leaving
I don't care

letting go without a fight
it's easier to leave
now that you are off my mind
I don't wanna feel anything

leave the key in
just to listen
this song's always stuck in my head
sing along again

up the porch steps
up to my bed
I'm getting good at sleeping in
not dreaming of you again

and when I say it's cold
I really mean don't go
and when I say I'm freezing
you don't care

lets me down every time
everything I see
used to fall so easily
now I just wanna feel anything
Track Name: Turn It Up
no one will ever love you quite the same
stuck in my mind as I just walk away
but does affection always fade?
my eyes are dry when I hear your name

it's getting easier to sleep alone
I have my friends, I have my room, I have my phone
and when your memory creeps back in
I put on my shoes, I go out again

and if you're sad, you're listening to the wrong song
and if you hear your mind, the music's just not loud enough
turn it up

I have a place in my heart now that's just my own
keep hoping growing up isn't growing numb
rather be lonely than belong to anyone
I say it's true, I know it's not
Track Name: I Want to Believe
love doesn't have to be so hard
you could just jump into my arms
I swear I'll try to make it easy

and I have felt the way it fades
and I have seen the mess it makes
but maybe we could make it easy

maybe I'm too optimistic
I never learn much from the past
or maybe you are just indifferent
but maybe we could make it last

and even if it lasts a week
and even when I'm losing sleep
just say you'll let me down easy

I will follow what I feel
because I know I'll always heal
even though it's never easy

I know I'm too optimistic
I never learn much from the past
but maybe you and I are different
and baby, we could make it last